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First of all welcome to our website. We are glad you are there and want to try you, like us, and has happened to many others, to be surprised and "stunning" by the magic of the unique and beautiful dolls and other creations of this talented artist from the impressive St. Petersburg . Who is this artist or you'll wonder. However, her name is Alexandra Dubrovina and its homemade dolls and other creations come from her imagination and extraordinary thinking. She tries through its puppets can carry you to the fantastic world of her dolls. Once you have such a doll in the house you will soon have wanted to have more self and want to create your own beautiful world. Alexandra Dubrovina, as you can read elsewhere on our website (and see) someone who knows what she wants and that trying to do. Her dolls are unique and finished in detail at a high level. Since her childhood she tries to portray and handing out her fantasy through her talent. She does this in her dolls but also in many other creations, drawings and the like. Because they already provided this is active we can, he also English and Russian from St. Petersburg, of course, not everything shown here. However, if you want to see more and know you can always of course to contact us. Also, you are always welcome at our house to see her creations in real life, feel and experience. Since Alexandra has a fragile health she unfortunately can not go to places far as Venice, where they can get inspiration. But such a remarkable statement from her is: Because I can no longer many beautiful and inspiring places to see I try to use my imagination.


You'll see at each doll, information on size and price, also find information or the doll personally by the artist Alexandra Dubrovina created or possibly under authorization of Alexandra Dubrovina. When the dolls made by Alexandra itself is also a card that listed this state. For non-personal, but under authorization (and control) of Alexandra, made dolls of course it means that these dolls are gorgeous and meet the high quality standards of the artist herself.
NOTE: If a dummy entry SOLD, this means that this doll is currently not in stock. Or the relevant doll can be made for you, which means a delivery time of 6-8 weeks; Also the minimum order amount for these dolls is Euro 200, -
Once the doll back in stock will be sold off entry