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It was a joy to be on the doll and bear fair in the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch. Huge crowds and many nice chats and friendly faces. Many thanks to those wonderful things said about the dolls and to our friends who bought them too. Susan and Paul thanks for the good organization and good care of everything. One thing is certain: we will of course be back next year. See below some pictures of our stand
In addition, our dolls of November 3, 2015 to January 4, 2016 in the exhibition hall of the Countess in Oud-Beijerland. Admission is free.
We also have plans for the dolls exhibition in March in Rotterdam and later in Bruges. Further information will follow as soon as more is known.
For any more information please mail us of course.
After two beautiful exhibitions in Antwerp and Rotterdam, we want the visitors first, friends who visited our stand for this thank you very much. For us it is so good to have so many enthusiastic reactions and the uncommon brilliance in the eyes at the sight of the dolls. Your comments make sure we go through full motivation and with a big smile. The doll maker which we of course keep you informed think it's great that through these dolls people can give a smile and can brighten their interiors.
And good news that she already is working on her new ideas for even more dolls and other creations. Something we can of course as soon as we want to show on this website.
We are also, it sounds far but time flies, our already preparing for the exhibition in October in the Brabanthallen. Here we would like to have more and more clearly show the diversity and beauty of the dolls.
Thanks again for coming, encouraging and fine reactions.
Also thank the organizers of the awards (Susan and Paul) and our tribute to find the prime location in Rotterdam (Hulstkampgebouw)

Greeting A & O dolls