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Alexandra Dubrovina was born in St. Petersburg in 1950, what was then called Leningrad. She taught in the city at the Institute of theater, music and filmography. Her profession is best described as a total artist and expert of stage costumes. Since 1976 she worked as a scenic artist (professional theater costumes) in the famous theaters of St. Petersburg as "The Great Drama Theatre" and "The Youth Theatre on Fontanka".
One day she wanted to make a miniature stage costume, which was actually the beginning of its further hobby and passion of making her imaginative dolls. Now she is the maker of approximately 1500 different dolls. Beyond that she is involved in many other creations to make her fantasy a reality and share it with other people.


The Alexandra dolls have known St.Petersburg style. Her style is a harmonious combination of talent, passion and knowledge. If her dolls have a perfect finish, high quality and often have a porcelain head, hands and feet. Other dolls are again dust. All her creations are finished to detail, dyed and seem to live. She gives her dolls names and think everyone should think for yourself which association you can get a doll. Alexandra has had exhibitions in major museums of St. Petersburg but also in Finland, America, France and Germany. And now also available in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany